Quick Site Update

Just wanted to let everyone know the user accounts are up and working, and all old e-mails and files have been preserved. Also, due to extreme levels of spammage, the email account ‘ebhq [at] earthboundhq.com‘ is no longer in use. We can still receive messages at this address for now, but I will personally be removing this account within the next couple of weeks to make way for our new permanent address at Gmail. This should cut down on the amount of spam received in a day (we were getting around 200 messages a day in the old accounts), and should ensure quick response time to any of your questions or comments. So, in the future, please use the following address:

In other news, I am going to be running out the petition to translate M3 for another two or three weeks, and then will finally put it to rest for formatting. As we’ve been saying, the final copy will indeed be sent to NOJ. Stay tuned for more information. Cya soon!

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Earthbound HQ will be back with some fire content soon!

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