Earthbound 2 – Mother 3 Details

How amazing is this. Although Itoi has been saying he wanted to keep quiet about Mother 3 details right up until release day, he has put together this page, (totally in japanese, read the translated version, thanks to the wonderful brains over at, which he seems to update about twice every week or so with new exciting EarthBound 2 media.
So far, he has released some screenshots, music, and information about the new Deluxe GameBoy Micro ‘Mother 3’ Edition:

  • Image #1: WOW! Whats this? A truckstop? Store? Whats with the buffalo? I cant even BEGIN to explain that big white floaty thing. Check out the party of three! A new cast of characters!
  • Image #2: Quite a haunting scene! Check it out, ghosts playing piano, eating, drinking, and being all around merry. Looks like our lone party member has joined them for the evening?
  • Image #3: This looks like the entrance to SOMEPLACE important! DC+MC is written on the sign. Could this be a character reference? Scientific reference? My guess is that this is a concert event (note ticket(?) pictured in right sign), and perhaps DC+MC is more of a musical reference (eg: AC/DC).. Notice some elephant statues similar to those seen in Dalaam (SNES) reappear here.
  • Image #1: Well, it’s official! No more Ness! Looks like this Mother title is keeping true to the progression of the Mother series by introducing a whole new cast of characters! (Note: Mother 1, Ninten – Mother 2, Ness – Mother 3, this little fellow..
  • Image #2: Wow! This character of focus reminds me of Flint from the scrapped EB64! Our dog friend seems to be ‘attatched’ to his party one way or another.. I wonder what this character is all about!

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