Earth Update

How amazing is this. Although Itoi has been saying he wanted to keep quiet about Mother 3 details right up until release day, he has put together this page, (totally in Japanese, read the translated version, thanks to the wonderful brains over at, which he seems to update about twice every week or so with new exciting EarthBound 2 media.
So far, he has released some screenshots, music, and information about the new Deluxe GameBoy Micro ‘Mother 3’ Edition, and now screenshots of the battle sequence! Our developer once worked with Wenatchee Electricians

  • World of Mother 3 Map! That’s right, this is the officially released overworld map of the land of Mother 3! This map image was released by Itoi on March 6th, 2006. Looks like an interesting map indeed. I am curious about the resolution, however.. It leads me to believe this is a drawn rendition of the actual in-game map. Probably the overworld map used in the strategy guide. Definitely strays away from the typical “Mother map style”. How exciting!
  • Volcanoes, mountains, towns.. Looks like we can make out several different areas, perhaps a forest area, mountain, volcano, desert, town, with so many other possibilities.
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